America Becomes Morally Blind

There’s something spectacular about having perfect vision, to be able to see life without the assistance of glasses or a cane. We usually don’t realize how precious our sight is until it’s momentarily impaired by something like fog, a spec of dust or an injury. But when all is clear and we can receive light, we see life as it truly is. Even when the things we see are bad, we can still appreciate that at least our sight is good.

I’m afraid that our society is losing its sight. I don’t mean in the physical way, but in a spiritual and ethical way. It starts when we desire to blur lines with things that were once basic. America has a fierce drive for innovation and experimentation. That has proven to be a gift, but also a curse. We’ve used it to feed our hunger to have anything we want.

Look at our technology. When you add a computer and a phone, you get a tablet. You add a car and a truck, you get a crossover. You take the human body, add technology and you’ll get bioengineering. We mix and match all the time in fashion, food, music/movie genres and everything else.

Some remarkable makings have resulted from our ingenuity. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with creativity. I personally love it. God himself is creative. However, it seems that our creative liberties now pose a threat to our faith.

One of the biggest trends rising among millennials is ecumenical faith. That is when someone combines the beliefs and practices of different religions. They essentially pick and choose what they wish to believe and what they wish to abide by.

For example I know people who proudly confess to be Christian and at the same time profess to be Buddhist. There are people who believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, but they choose not to believe that a hell exists. They take the good parts of the bible, add a little from another religion and improvise along the way to create a spiritual experience that satisfies their inner desires.

Let’s make one thing clear, some things should not be mixed. When it comes to our relationship with God, we cannot worship him one day, and on another day, we worship ourselves or another god. We cannot pledge allegiance to his Word and then baptize ourselves in the teachings of other religions.

When you mix faiths and doctrines your vision becomes blurred. You cannot see God as he truly is. Your understanding of him dims. In worst case scenario, those who have once seen God have become so deceived and misguided they go completely blind. They return to a darkness fully incapable of hearing and feeling the presence of God.

A Darker Reality

Satan has been fighting to blur our vision since day one. Adam and Eve had the purest vision of God, probably more so than anyone after them. But once the serpent entered the scene he damaged their vision by introducing God as a liar. Poor Eve, she believed him and fell into his trap which was getting her to act upon her doubt.

When we examine the conversation between the serpent and Eve, he didn’t lie to her. Well, he did, but not that much. Half of what he said was the truth. He still does this today. He’ll offer us a potent lie and then layer it with truth. He wants us to mix good and evil so seamlessly that we can’t tell the difference.

This notion of mixing is actually a key doctrine in Satanism. Their key phrase “as above, so below” teaches that good is bad and bad is good. Heaven is no better than hell. Everyone can rightfully decide what is good and what is evil. It’s all the same and ultimately makes no difference.

Knowing the difference between good and evil is essential to seeing God with unimpaired vision. But we humans want both. We want to mix right and wrong. We want to love and hate; to give and steal; to be truthful and dishonest.

One area where people no longer have the slightest idea of what is right and wrong is in sexuality. It has been mixed with just about everything under the sun. From bestiality to ecosexuality, it’s quite shameful to see how far our sexual drives have gone.

Interestingly enough, the prime figure for Satanism, who is named Baphomet, is a transgender. The image appears to be a man with breasts and a goat’s head. The symbol first originated back in the late 1800’s, so it is not a reflection of today’s LGBT movements. It’s a blatant illustration of how Satanists see the world: one of moral indifference.

Crazy, huh?

The world will continue mixing good with evil, but we are the light of the world, therefore we know the way. We can see what’s ahead. As light, we only have one responsibility: to shine. Our light brings people out of the delusion that evil is good and good is evil. We were made to shine and that’s why we are still here.


5 thoughts on “America Becomes Morally Blind

  1. I’m so glad you stopped in my site and left a comment. It’s hard to find others who see through the smoke and mirrors our current church is lost in. As you wrote about blurred vision in this article. I suspect i’m going to enjoy reading your material and gain spiritual strength in it. When I find someone preaching a similar message from God, I consider it a treasure. Thanks. Hope you stop in again. I’ll certainly be visiting here.

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  2. That’s a problem the Israelites seemed to have, particularly during the times of the Judges and Kings. They wanted to consult God and also consult the prophets of Baal. They wanted to sacrifice their own way instead of God’s way. It seems to be an age-old problem, doesn’t it? This is why it’s so important to immerse our minds in God’s word to find out what He wants as opposed to what other people tell us He wants. Love reading your site!


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