Is the End Really Near?

We’ve all seen the Armageddon enthusiasts who swear that the end is near. To most people, they look and sound like conspiracists who spend too much time in their basement doing research. For those of us who are not so doom and gloom, we must wonder if there is any substance to what they’re saying … Continue reading Is the End Really Near?


3 Struggles for Millennial Christians

The struggles that millennial Christians face are different from those belonging to previous generations. Though spiritual warfare rages on, the battle doesn’t quite look the same. There are new players, new terms and new territory. To an extent, what we are facing is unprecedented. The time we are living in is truly unique. As a … Continue reading 3 Struggles for Millennial Christians


You must admit, the culture that we live in is unlike anything that’s been seen before due to the pervasiveness of telecommunications and social media. We have millions of companies, organizations and entrepreneurs who surround us with their solicitations. Everywhere you look, everywhere you turn, there is some kind of ad. With 5,000 of them … Continue reading JESUS ON SALE!!!

3 Churches Jesus Is Unhappy With

When Jesus left this earth, he put us in charge of his kingdom. He didn’t make us rulers, just stewards of it until he returns. With the amazing help of the apostles, we were off to a great start. They way they helped advance the kingdom of God was astronomical! Since then, there have been … Continue reading 3 Churches Jesus Is Unhappy With

Christianity Is a Joke

At first, I didn’t notice it. I’m scrolling through timelines and newsfeeds and I see meme after meme targeting the church. Then I realized how many movies, documentaries and random individuals join the ride on church services. It’s so common that it’s become satire. I confess that I’ve even cracked a joke or two. When … Continue reading Christianity Is a Joke

Stop Going to Church

In certain pockets of the U.S. there is a small movement happening where churches are getting away from the traditional Sunday morning service and leaning more heavily upon the institution of small groups. In the early 2000’s a wave of churches believed that bigger was better. Technology started to boom and the church began to … Continue reading Stop Going to Church